We are currently offering a limited menu that Chef Nick has designed to withstand the challenges faced with travel times through take-out and delivery. 

Our current patio dining menu can be found below. 



Kale and Arugula Salad with Peas, Feta, Fennel, and Herbs $15


Yellowtail Tostadas with Blue Corn Tortilla, Black Bean Puree, Napa Cabbage, and Tomatillo-Fish Sauce Salsa $12

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Butternut Squash, Sage Brown Butter, and Toasted Hazelnut Dukkah $14


Sweet Potato Tacos House Made Tortillas with Spicy Almond Cream, and Charred Corn Salsa 3 for $14 or 1 for $5


Slow Cooked Beef Tacos House Made Tortillas with Toasted Garlic, Fish Sauce, Onion, and Guacamole 3 for $16.00 or 1 for $5.50

Charred Cauliflower Tacos House Made Tortillas with Spicy Guacamole, Pickled Onions, and Toasted Peanut and Garlic Salsa Macha 3 for $14 or 1 for $5




Roasted Half Chicken with Charred Broccoli, Roasted Potatoes, Garlic Chile Oil, and Herbed Yogurt $28


Grass Fed Burger with White Cheddar, Bacon-Onion Marmalade, Iceberg Lettuce, Charred Scallion Aioli with Hand Cut Fries $17


"Startling Pig" with Spicy Grilled Pork, Lemongrass, Herbs, and Fish Sauce Vinaigrette with Sticky Coconut Rice $18


Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich Baby Lettuces, Cucumber, Mint, Thai Basil, Cilantro, Fish Sauce Vinaigrette with Hand Cut Fries $16

SA Glamburger Spiced Lamb Burger, Feta Cheese, Gojunchang Aioli, and Kholrabi-Kimchi Slaw with Tamarind Vinaigrette and Hand Cut Fries $17


Tel: 415-500-2817  |  Email: info@sonsaddition.com

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